First Name

Tammira Lucas


Mompreneur/CEO Ryann's Closet/Speaker/Author/Success Strategist

City, State

Baltimore, MD


In 2010, Tammira started the company, RyAnn’s Closet. Named after her daughter, RyAnn’s Closet is a children’s boutique whose mission is to provide an exciting selection of custom high-quality, fashionable, sassy & chic young children’s accessories and clothing at exceptional value and affordable cost. Having found pronounced success with this venture, only at the guiding of her management and administrative background, Tammira has used this venture to travel the world and blaze her trail of success. Tammira does not take it lightly or for granted the opportunities presented before her. With RyAnn’s Closet mainly serving the needs of parents, Tammira found it that she was very often at events that were tailored to mother’s on-the-go. She eventually networked with the organizers of these events and started doing motivational speeches and workshops, in addition to selling RyAnn’s Closet accessories. She speaks from her certification as a Certified STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Leader, and a manager/administrator hailed by her peers as one of the best (she was selected as a member of the National Black MBA Association). Combining her success of RyAnn’s Closet and the ventures of public speaking & life coaching for women and teens (she was both a featured speaker for the Upward Bound program and the Coalition of 100 Black Women Mentoring Program), Tammira started the Lucas GroupTM with her husband Robert, that focused on both their business and philanthropic efforts in Baltimore and the surrounding communities of the DelMarVa area. Tammira believes that failures do not exist. What we have come to know as failure, is simply what she believes are life’s learning opportunities. It is that very same vein of thinking that Tammira implores that dreams are just your imagination, unless you take the time and effort to act upon them. A woman who is determined to continue succeeding, Tammira M. Lucas thinks of herself as a Mompreneuer on the rise, who believes that with the same faith she displayed in 2010 with just a dream and a vision, that all mother’s and young girls can succeed as well. Hailing inspiration from Vince Lombardi; Tammira lives by his quote that beseeches “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” It is that will that drives Tammira to reflect upon her own philosophy of success, which is that she believes “success is something everyone can obtain as long as you are determined and focused to get it.” And, Tammira has been proving anything since being that imaginative and innovative child during her formative years; she has proven that when determination meets preparation and opportunity, one is bound to succeed. With that philosophy in mind; it is safe to say that she is a leader of this generation, a wife to Robert Lucas, a mother to Ryann, a Mompreneuer second to none, and a young lady blazing a trail of her own.