First Name

DMV Puffy


Event Host| Actor| Model

City, State

Potomac, MD


What makes me DMV Puffy My strength, style, my appetite for life. A hunger for the extraordinary, a brief in the impossible defiance of the expected. I am DMV Puffy. I try to empower the modern man to take on the soul of a king and conquer their biggest dream that I am doing today Also includes; social intuition, empathy diplomacy, conflict mediation, communication and leadership skills. In my personal life I am know for being the person that people come to when they have a problem I use my empathy patience and charm to hear each persons side. Then I help them problem solve and brainstorm solutions. It feels good when I know I can help others feel heard, understood and get a possible resolution. I want to pursue my management skills. A proven track record of success and the ability to play a critical role in wireless organization. I know this career field is perfect for my temperament and extorted, friendly personality. Though I have felt challenged at times in this career I have been able to learn various strategies to improve my strengths and talents.