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Artist/ Singer/ Writer/ Make-Up Artist/ Wardrobe Stylist /Buisness Owner

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Silver Spring, MD


Bella is a raised DMV Jane of all Trades. As a recent college grad ,Bella has mastered many talents. She is an artist with the Rebuilding through art project, where she does community based art around the city of Baltimore. She is a Writer and Recording Artist. Stylist for many ,including Ivie Rose bouitique. She is also a Make-up artist with work ranging from photoshoots to the MD Fashion Awards. Her newest enticipated endeavor is Retro Metro DMV. Retro Metro is a Vintage Fashion Kingpen pushing DOPE style. This is an online store that carries unique, one of a kind vintage, and hand made fashion.This Store is in its own lane because is is bold, daring, fashionable, unique, and affordable. A fashion lovers dream come true. It is like having your own personal shopper at your finger tips. Overall Bella is a woman with many gifts that are ready to be shared with the world starting with the DMV.


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