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Nov 19

2022 Baltimore Crown Awards

November 19 @ 8:00 PM - November 20 @ 1:00 AM

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2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
Celebrating and Honoring Baltimore

“Just wanna say thank you so much Chin-Yer for giving the younger generation a chance to be noticed as well. Last night was a great turn out and you definitely brought the entire city together!”

-Lil Tae

“In terms of overall spectrum and not leaving a stone unturned, THE BALTIMORE CROWN AWARDS covered every base. I witnessed such love & unity amongst peers from different genres of music, artistic expression, generations, radio personalities ( local & internet), & business owners ( profit & non profit) that I felt a strong sense of hope for the future. & honor to see what is was & is coming” This award show prides itself on authenticity where nominees & winners were artists, business owners, photographers, & radio personalities were genuinely picked by peers who acknowledged their importance to the scene…I felt a overwhelming sense of gratitude & appreciation to Chin-Yer for the idea & inspiration to put this “family reunion” together.. & to her credit, The award show could only be done by her because it’s a reflection of Chin…the business side, radio, poetry, photography, hip hop, r & b, ……Chin-Yer is involved in all aspects of all of the award categories in some respect. Even the best dance group category ( don’t sleep on her dancing skills)- overall I just want to say simply…thanks for this contribution to our community in Baltimore & the DMV/ Baltimore music scene.”-Brian Hoyt

“The vibes in the building were amazing. You had so many different people in the building but all love. Not many can do that. Job well done!”-Robin Agresott

Special shout out to Chin-Yer for bringing Baltimore’s Best together for a beautiful night” -Shelly Staylo Stephens


The Baltimore Crown Awards was created by The Baltimore Scene in 2006 to honor and celebrate the achievements of our talented and dedicated people in and behind the Baltimore art scene.

The spirit and motivation behind this event is giving everyone doing great things in and/or for Baltimore their roses NOW, bringing various people together from various facets of our scene and our city in one room to honor and celebrate the best of our city and creating an evening of Baltimore joy and excellence and togetherness.

The Baltimore Crown Awards has affectionately been nicknamed Baltimore’s annual family reunion bringing out all of the who’s who in The Baltimore Scene from the veterans and legends of the scene to new artists and youth artists to DJs, Producers, Venue owners, Activists, Business Owners and everything in between. It affirms, displays, and epitomizes the happiness, unity, and togetherness that our city has to offer.

Visit our main page on www.thebaltimorescene.org for testimonials and to vote today.

We look forward to connecting and networking with all of you again for those who have attended in the past and we look forward to meeting those of you who will be attending for the first time this year.

The Baltimore Crown Awards is Brought to you by The Baltimore Scene

The 2022 Crown Awards is sponsored in part by Stand Up Baltimore and Mogul Printing

This year’s event is an EMERALD PARTY

The dress code is green to celebrate 16 years of celebrating the art scene. Please come dressed in the theme’s color for visual unity that reflects the theme of unity of the evening

Advance Admission is a $20 donation for The Baltimore Scene’s 2023 community arts programming and to keep to allow us to keep the event going

More At The Door

For Info: Text Curator Chin-yer-443-248-2596 or if interested in being a sponsor or vendoror message @chinyer, @thebaltimorescene or @baltimorecrownawards on IG, www.facebook.com/chinyer or visit


or email thebaltimorescene@gmail.com


“Chin-yer,Hey dear! WOW–what a packed house; standing room only! Congrats on a successful event, dear. I didn’t know it was like THAT. Lol. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into building and promoting. Props!”

Ken Brown-poet

“Baltimore, very classy. My first year being able to make it!! Great mix of people..from rookies to the veterans. From the cut out your own flyers/bus/walk/really meet people face to face era to the Facebook, twitter, instagram era. Great night across the board! Some of the highlights-The Cypher….and… Ok, I can’t….Everything!”


“Bless Chin-yer Wright for the Baltimore Crown Awards, it was lit to see my peers in the same room with the veterans. Thank you for being a bridge between worlds and sections of the art world. We tend to get cliquish and last night was just love, inclusivity, and family. Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times.”

-Alanah Nicole

“I left the Baltimore Crown Awards proud to know who I did and hoping to know everyone else in the room. Now that’s an amazing event Chin-yer!”

Rebecca Dupas

“Still really feeling a buzz from Saturday’s Baltimore Crown Awards. Just wanted to say thank you for throwing an event that not only gave credit to the many hard working artists in the city, but also was an event that showed how much love we can show for each other. We’re always recognized for our violence and hatred towards one another. I don’t know that side. I know a city that supports dopeness and hard work. Let’s keep going y’all”

-Eze Jackson

“I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone that attended the Baltimore Crown Awards last night. To those who couldn’t make it, the event was a huge success for Baltimore. The Showcase was full of excitement, featuring some of Baltimore’s best talent. Special thanks to Chin-yer for putting on for this city. Baltimore needs more positive events like this to inspire creativity in our youth. The Baltimore Crown Awards show recognizes the talent in our community. To me, everyone that participated and was nominated is a winner. Do your part to support local artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Peace!”

-Chuck Dee

“Peace to all! First and foremost, much respect to Chin-yer for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent last night in the Beat Challenge and to all coordinators who help create a platform for artists to come out and display their craft. Secondly, much respect to all the producers, lyricists, designers, managers,and legends who have and continue to keep our creativity and musical vibrations alive in the past and currently! Last night was my 1st Crown Awards and the energy and skill set that was in the building was remarkable! We have too much talent out here for us to be put in the limelight the way that we are. Although we have everyday issues that all urban communities deal with across the map, it’s not what we go thru but how we make it out of it! Collectively, we can make it happen and we should. I look forward to listening, learning, and collaborating with some of you in the near future! And last but not least, we often hear Baltimore is like crabs in a barrel, but the barrel is only as valuable as the goods that are in it, think about that and everyone have a productive week Peace!”

-Born Spectact

“Yes! This is Excellent. Very nice show all around. Was my 1st time! I’m more impressed with Baltimore because of coming”

-Nae Garcia

“Chin-yer, you did it again. The Baltimore Crown Awards is always the epitome of excellence”

Tamika Thaniel

“Thank you Chin-yer for your thoughtfulness and love you shared honoring Wombwork…and to have the award given by the family of brother OOH was more than awesome. This is the kind of real love that helps to fuel us to continue on our journey in helping to heal our community. May the most high continue to bless you Chin-yer, in ways you can’t imagine. One Love”

-Mama Rashida of Womb Work

“I just want to give a huge shout out to Chin-yer for doing such an awesome job of highlighting all this talent in the beautiful city of ours at her annual Baltimore Crown Awards Show. I’m telling you she highlighted every scene making magic in this city, from vocalist and emcee to designer and bloggers and everything in between. I was in love with all the love in the building. It made my heart proud to still have OOH in the building. Shout out goes to Ogun for setting the tone from the beginning of the show, and for DJ Harvey Dent for keeping OOH’s music in the mix. This was special. Congratulations to everyone nominated and everyone who won. You guys make us all proud! Yeah, today was a good day”

-Sista Tracy (poet)

(for more testimonials, visit www.thebaltimorescene.org)

2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards
2022 Baltimore Crown Awards


November 19 @ 8:00 PM
November 20 @ 1:00 AM
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6 E Lafayette Ave
6 East Lafayette Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202 United States